Sutter Creek: Surprise Wine Tasting

Let’s take an impromptu drive, East of Sacramento. Take Jackson highway (16) to highway 49 South, pass Drytown, turning at the sign towards Amador City. You won’t miss it. This is the Old Route 49 which will take you right to Main Street of Sutter Creek. This is a small town, park along Main Street if you can find a spot. Otherwise, anywhere you can find one is fine. This is a walkable town.
Like most small towns, shops around town close at 5 pm. If you get here at a decent time, check out the shops.
One thing I’d say about this town is that there’s no shortage of antique shops. That’s what we’ve noticed, passing through Drytown and Amador City.
The Antique Gardener
A boutique store that sells everything from handmade soap, home decor, and plants. You walk around the store and you get the sense that the home decor has that certain country farm vibe.
sutter creek vineyards
Towards the back of the store, through a reclaimed antique door, you’ll find the garden section of the store. Take a quick look around and let’s head next door.
sutter creek wine tasting
Baiocchi Wines Tasting RoomTotally unplanned, we head inside to inquire. It’s $5 to taste 4 wines. I tried 2 whites and 2 reds. If you purchase a bottle, the tasting fee is waived. I finally decided on the semi-sweet white wine with “notes of honeysuckle and apricots”. I did learn a new term, it’s called tannin. It’s the feeling of drying sensation in your mouth that makes you go ahhhh! At least for me.
Time was running out, we probably had enough time to check out one more Tasting Room. Let’s head across the street.
sutter creek vineyards
Matthew Gibson WineryDo you have any whites? I asked as I was perusing the wine list. All reds here. We were half way out the door when the owner called us back and said I’ll let you taste the wine for free. I was not about to turn down free wine. Matthew was a great host and made us feel at ease right away. I enjoyed his wine. Although I’m not a red wine drinker, I knew for sure that my palette was introduced to something new. I settled with their 2013 Syrah.
Looking at our watches, we had a few minutes left to spare. Shall we do one more, I asked? It was on the way to the car anyway, so why not? We walked up Main Street, just a few doors down from the last one. I told you it’s a walkable town.
sutter creek wine tasting
Bella Grace Vineyards This one was probably the biggest one on the main drag. A flag stone path leading up to the Craftsman style structure. You walk inside and the wine tasting room is down a flight of stairs to the basement. We asked if they were still open. The guy said that they were barely open. We got there, 5 minutes till 5 pm. “Perfect, I’ll drink fast!”. They had a huge selection of whites and rosés. I tried one after the other, without a pause in between. Time was running out. I tried 6 varieties here if I’m not mistaken. Everything was sort of hazy after the second swig. I purchased their Rosè Spumonte.
Obviously tipsy from all that wine tasting, we decided to eat at Gold Dust Pizza. I would definitely say that it is the best pizza in town. No competition whatsoever.
Let’s sober up a bit and stop by Choc-O-Latte for some iced lattes. But as luck would have it, they were closed. Thanks Duke for being the designated driver.