Fall Harvest Y’all

Davis Ranch: Sloughhouse
Halloween season is upon us. This week’s Adventure brings us to the small town of Sloughhouse. From Sacramento, take highway 16 towards Jackson. Take this country road pass Rancho Murrieta and you’re there. It’s only 40 minutes from Sacramento. Duke and I decide to have brunch at Meadowlands Kitchen and Bar.
It’s early enough that we show up knowing we would get seated right away without reservations. We are greeted by a young girl with long blonde hair folding napkins while waiting for customers to arrive. She asks if we’d like to dine inside or outside. Without hesitation, we say outside. We’re still in the early stages of the Fall season which makes the weather perfect for dining alfresco.
We peruse the menu and shortly after our waitress arrives to take our drink order. She is bubbly, efficient and funny. Duke orders a cup of coffee while I indulge myself with a peach Bellini. “Great choice!” she says with a smile. Her strawberry blonde hair illuminating under the sun as she walks away.
Duke decides on the avocado toast while I get the heartier biscuits and gravy with a slice of bacon on top. Delicious! I would normally offer Duke to taste my meal but today’s not that day #sorrynotsorry.
Sacramento Greek Festival
Davis Ranch
Davis Ranch is not that far ahead. The ranch offers a variety of fresh produce. You can even harvest your own! For $30 you can get up to 30 pounds of vegetables including a pumpkin. What’s not included in the deal is the strawberries. You can pick your own fresh strawberries at a reasonable price. Check out their website for more details.
Sacramento Greek Festival
I highly recommend going through the corn maze and visiting the pumpkin patch. They offer free wagon rides that take you to their vegetable farm and pumpkin patch. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you will have a great time here at the farm.
Sacramento Greek Festival
Let’s head back and check out the Sacramento Greek Festival. It is their 55th year celebrating this event. Bring the entire family. It doesn’t matter if you’re not Greek. As they say, we all have a little Greek in all of us. I believe I heard that from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Try the Greek coffee, the preparation alone is worth it. They use hot sand to boil their coffee by swirling the little coffee pot around the sand for even heat distribution. I’m telling you, it’s worth a try.
Sacramento Greek Festival
The pastries are a must. I’m sure you know about baklava. There are other kinds to choose from. As for food, gyros and moussaka are my favorite. Head to the bar and get a glass of wine or try their Ouzo. After that, head to an open table and enjoy your food while watching the program. The whole day is filled with dancing and music. If you want to stretch your legs, tour the Church or check out the vendors. There’s something for everyone. Opa!

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