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Kauai Adventures: Can you ever forgive me?

Dear Duke, Greetings and salutations! I hope all is well. We haven't spoken since our Kauai trip. My real life work has been keeping me busy and I have not ...

Guide to 5 Days on Oahu: Day 5

I emerge out of the water in slow motion as I shake my head left to right, lips parted and slowly taking in precious air. Beads of water are expelled ...

A Dog’s Tale: Point Isabel

Contrary to popular belief, dogs dream as humans do. The slightest sound wakes me up. My human is having a restless night. He keeps tossing in his sleep. I feel ...

Seattle’s Best on a Budget

Are you ready for this? #TheTrio is back for another quick Weekend getaway. This time we are exploring Seattle and Portland. Are you sleepless? If so, let's get started! Make ...

Guide to 5 Days on Oahu: Day 4

The drive up to Pali lookout is full of unspoken tension. The air is so thick and humid you could almost taste the rain from earlier. Everyone is on guard ...

Fall Harvest Y’all

Halloween season is upon us. This week's Adventure brings us to the small town of Sloughhouse. From Sacramento, take highway 16 towards Jackson. Take this country road pass Rancho Murrieta ...




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